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Evolution revolution

Credit: Brad Gregg As evidence, the National Center for Science Education recently pointed out that two university departments in Oklahoma stepped back to Scopes “monkey trial” territory to defend evolution’s honorable status in higher education. The University of Central Oklahoma and Southwestern Oklahoma State University have separate, if equally unyielding, statements on the importance of

In the city

Barbara Gonzales Credit: Shannon Cornman Since 2010, the academy has given upper-level education majors who are passionate about teaching in urban classrooms the opportunity to do so through a partnership with Oklahoma City Public Schools. Gonzales and fellow future teachers entered the program in January. After completing volunteer hours and training, they will be placed

Tweet heat

The March 15 tweet was part of an exchange between Shannon and Mickey Hepner, dean of the college of business administration at the University of Central Oklahoma. After Shannon remarked that Oklahoma would stand against the Affordable Care Act, Hepner tweeted that the Constitution prohibits the state from ignoring federal laws. Shannon replied with a

Green on red

Hunter Magness Mark Hancock Higher learning has picked up the lessons of sustainability. At the University of Central Oklahoma, for example, a commonsense idea to make university leaders better stewards of tuition and tax dollars has become a campus-wide culture. “Somebody has to take a leadership role and see if these things work,” said Tim

Fact and fiction

Tracy Daugherty considered himself a fiction writer with no ambition of writing anything else, but the Oklahoma City federal building bombing changed all that. Although he lived in Oregon, he had spent much of his childhood visiting his grandparents in southwestern Oklahoma, and he felt a strong need to come to Oklahoma City in the

Remembering an Oklahoma civil libertarian

Working side by side with him for 17 years, I often said I spent more time with him than I spent with my family. As the “other half of my brain,” we worked daily to meet the challenges of civil liberty violations in Oklahoma. We were a true team with a common cause, and we

Counterpoint: Scrapping tax won’t help economy

In the last few months several legislators joined with the Governor’s Task Force on Economic Development to urge Oklahoma to gradually eliminate the state’s personal income tax over the next 10 years. Consequently, it would not be a surprise if legislators will be asked to vote on the idea. Unfortunately, the evidence indicates that eliminating

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