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Cover story: Chicken-Fried News year in review … and predictions!

Cover story: Chicken-Fried News year in review … and predictions!

It’s time again for Oklahoma Gazette’s annual, super-duper official Chicken-Fried News year in review and predictions!

Terror on a Train

As the title has it, the film is more concerned with the work half of that equation. A terrorist has planted a package of explosives on a train — or, as one character puts it, “Some joker’s been monkeyin’ around with your load!” — and Lyncort is called into action to diffuse the situation. Meanwhile, an

Sierra Club kudos

Credit: Brad Gregg But we all know the list America has been waiting for … Best civic infrastructure, of course! Oklahoma City’s Santa Fe Intermodal Station has edged out the Gangnam Style Boardwalk, the Binders Full of Women Carpool Lane and the Claire Danes Cryface Light Rail to become the No. 1 transportation project of

Source Code

On a commuter train heading into Chicago, a young man jolts awake in the middle of a conversation with his girlfriend, Christina (Michelle Monaghan, “Due Date”), and clearly has no idea who she is, where he is or how he got there. He excuses himself to the restroom and doesn’t recognize the face in the

Boxing Gym

I often have to stop to remember what month or season we’re in, but I possess an uncanny recall of where I saw any particular movie. A few cinematic experiences stand out, not necessarily having anything to do with the quality of what was being projected. For example, at the age of 7, I couldn’t

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