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(Madeline Hancock)

Chicken-Fried News: We need more women in power

  A group of politicians recently gathered to state the obvious with a round-table-like discussion comprised of toothless actions and comments. Business as usual, right? Well, this time, the panel was comprised of women who have held public office in the state discussing the need for more women in politics. In 2013, a record number

Hunkered down

Kristi Conatzer said the governor has created an unneeded public debate over keeping children safe based on comments she made opposing an initiative petition. Conatzer’s daughter, Emily, was one of the seven children who died at Plaza Towers Elementary School. “There shouldn’t be an argument over this,” she said. “We lost something on May 20

Hobby Lobby deserves protection

After the U.S. Supreme Court decided to no longer strictly scrutinize most laws that substantially burden religious liberty, outraged people of all ideological hues vowed to restore the legal protection refused by the court. The Senate passed the bill 97-3. The House passed it unanimously. RFRA instructs courts to invalidate any law or government action

Poor logic on Hobby Lobby decision

According to a majority of the 10th Circuit, the businesses owned by the Green family are religious “persons,” and, therefore, can have the benefit of RFRA. But the court’s reasoning is utterly divorced from RFRA’s history and the larger context of federal law generally. It is critical to understand that due to the doctrine of

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