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Honk For Peace 9mh

Climate march planned

Environmentalists will gather for the People’s Climate March at the Oklahoma City Municipal Building on Sunday at 1:30 p.m. The march is intended to negate what Peace House director and event organizer Nathaniel Batchelder calls the majority of state politicians’ “climate denial.” “There are virtually no scientists today that disagree with the premise that global

Getting past coal

Rixmann lauded a coal-fired power plant in Colorado that was retrofitted recently, touting it as a model for Oklahoma. My research shows that Colorado Springs City Council members were vehemently opposed to spending an additional $121 million on top of tens of millions already invested in retrofits for the plant. The council was particularly opposed

Get off of coal

In addition to the many immediate public health risks associated with coal-fired energy plants, the immense scale of environmental damage caused by modern mining practices should be regarded in sheer horror. For the workers, exposure to coal dust and other hazards is the cause of numerous life-threatening and long-term health problems. The high volume of

OG&E must move past coal

Oklahoma has been both a driver and a beneficiary of the growing clean energy economy. Our wind industry has soared as new wind farms continue to open. More than 15 percent of the state’s energy now comes from renewable sources, creating new jobs and sparking innovation. According to The American Wind Energy Association, as many

Sierra Club kudos

Credit: Brad Gregg But we all know the list America has been waiting for … Best civic infrastructure, of course! Oklahoma City’s Santa Fe Intermodal Station has edged out the Gangnam Style Boardwalk, the Binders Full of Women Carpool Lane and the Claire Danes Cryface Light Rail to become the No. 1 transportation project of

Crude awakening

Hours before the U.S. State Department held its Sept. 30 hearing on permits for TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline project, State Chamber of Oklahoma representatives, oil-industry lobbyists and elected officials donned their T-shirts supporting the pipeline and huddled with union bosses and workers to stake out the first speaking spots and show their support at a

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