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Eminent development?

After failing to negotiate a purchase price with the owners of several lots west of Chesapeake Energy Arena, the Oklahoma City Council authorized city staff to file an eminent domain claim with a vote on March 18.The timing of the vote is one that Ward 2 Councilman Ed Shadid finds ironic. “The city, in my

Study looks at need for convention center hotel subsidies

The council heard a presentation Tuesday from Tom Morsch, managing director of The PFM Group, an investment advisory firm performing a hotel feasibility study for the city. With a new convention center planned for Oklahoma City in the coming years as part of MAPS 3, the council has discussed what tax incentives might be needed

All in to win

“The only chance that [Ed] Shadid had was to have a very small turnout election,” said Pat McFerron, referring to Cornett’s challenger on the March 4 ballot. McFerron, who is a partner with CMA Strategies and worked on the mayor’s campaign, said the fact that turnout for last month’s mayoral race nearly doubled from the

Gazette Poll: Big win, again

Two polls conducted prior to the election by Oklahoma Gazette and News 9 adjusted for the demographics of traditional voters in Oklahoma City elections and predicted that Cornett would carry 63 percent of the March 4 vote. Cornett earned 31,514 votes and 66 percent of the total. Shadid’s campaign, dramatically out-financed by Cornett’s campaign and

Mayor candidate Shadid concedes with message of hope and change

Hundreds of supporters gathered at the watch party, held at Oklahoma City Public Farmer’s Market.   “You can win, even in loss,” the Ward 2 Councilman said. “You can lose the battle and win the war, and that’s what’s happening. There is a movement growing in Oklahoma City. There is questioning and a dialogue and

Cornett wins Mayor race

At a watch party at Grill on the Hill, 324 SW 25th St., more than 100 supporters, including four city council members and Gov. Mary Fallin, turned out to await election results. Just before 9 p.m. Shadid, who got 34.4 percent of the vote, conceded the race. Throughout the evening, state Sen. David Holt, Cornett’s

News9/OKG Poll: Cornett still dominates in pre-election poll

The exclusive News9/Oklahoma Gazette poll, released Sunday, shows almost no change from a poll taken a week ago in Cornett’s support, while Ed Shadid drew some votes away from other candidates. The Feb. 27-March 1 tally put Cornett in the lead with 63 percent. Candidate Ed Shadid gained six points over the Feb. 17-19 poll,

Shadid is ‘We the people’

A conversation between two ordinary people about their community happened next. Mostly, Shadid just listened — patiently. At the end of our conversation, for the very first time in my 50-plus years, I knew a political candidate had listened to what I said. Not only did Shadid win a landmark victory over an opponent that

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