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Booze clues

Sipping on low-point (3.2 percent) beers while strolling around the city is legit. But festivals have special permits, and you can’t bring your own beer within the zone in which these events are held, although some will offer drinks to buy. As usual, any place (including restaurants and indoor performance venues) selling beverages won’t let

Switched on

Tom Holland’s Twisted Tales Made not for the cathode rays but for the World Wide Web — FEARnet, to be exact — Tom Holland’s Twisted Tales gives the director of such ’80s horror classics as Child’s Play and Fright Night his own anthology series and, thus, a chance to play Cryptkeeper … or Rod Serling,

Cover story: Take me back to the ballgame

“Heavens no,” she said. “I never even thought about it.” An interesting series of events, however, led her to working for the Oklahoma City 89ers baseball team in the mid-1970s and eventually to positions in management and then as owner of the team, twice. People have played baseball — from loosely organized to semiprofessional teams

Bad behavior

Arguably the new wave of sympathetic psychopaths was ushered along with help from Dexter Morgan, Showtime’s serial killer of serial killers. For Dexter: The Final Season — the series’ eighth — Dex (Michael C. Hall) matches wits and bits with The Brain Surgeon, yet proves to be one of the show’s “off” years. There’s a reason the

High time for Downton

Are you overwhelmed by the chill of winter and need to warm your toes? Sit by a roaring fire in the sought-after “upper tea room” at Inspirations Tea Room, 2118 W. Edmond Road in Edmond. Inspirations offers a three-tiered tea tray accompanying a full tea service. The lower tier displays a selection of two types

SHOPGIRL: A knit in time

Norman-based A-Wee-Bit-Of- Ireland.com owner Janne O’Donnell traveled all the way to the Emerald Isle to personally select traditional, all-natural Irish textiles to bring to Oklahoma. O’Donnell’s website offers handmade scarves by famous designer Edel MacBride; woolen throws from Ireland’s oldest mill, Avoca Handweavers, in County Wicklow; Branigan Weavers baby blankets from County Louth; and Aran

Back on attack

She had an Oklahoma City shirt, Thunder-blue boots and a vibrant smile that was the perfect accessory to her bedazzled Oklahoma City Thunder handbag. So what if the bag was more fashion than function; it was opening night, and that means celebrating. Talk to any Thunder fan for the past five seasons — every game

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