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‘Live from …’

Danielle Mahoney, a 2009 graduate of Classen School of Advanced Studies, recently completed an internship in the costume department of NBC’s long-running sketch-comedy show. She is in her third year studying production and costume design at New York University. “It was so fun to see things like a cardboard box labeled ‘Gaga Dress’ stacked in

A Good Old Fashioned Orgy

To send it out in style, Eric decides “A Good Old Fashioned Orgy” is the only proper end to such a long ride. The problem is simply convincing his small circle to join him. Uninhibited and (naturally) obese best bud (Tyler Labine, “Rise of the Planet of the Apes“) is in, but the uptight, BlackBerry-addicted

Hesher / Just Peck

In the infancy of “Saturday Night Live,” John Belushi starred in a sketch about an obnoxious party guest, “The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave.” That’s the character of Hesher in a nutshell, minus the cultural impact. As played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt (“Inception”), he’s an aimless, homeless, near-worthless stoner metalhead who essentially enters the house of grieving


With a knack for voice impressions, acting chops and remarkable character inventions, comedian Maria Bamford easily could fill her time with television and film work. Instead, she keeps herself locked into the vicious, less lucrative world of stand-up comedy. It has its own rewards, however. “It’s immediate gratification,” Bamford said. “It only involves me showing

The Death of Andy Kaufman

In his effort to prove or disprove the rumor that the outré comedian faked his own death in 1984, director Christopher Maloney’s aim is true, but hampered by budgetary restraints. A great deal of Kaufman’s act hinged on pulling the wool over his audience’s eyes, so it’s no unreasonable for people to assume — as

Hall Pass

Best because it launched their careers into the stratosphere; worst because everything they’ve done since has the unfortunate position of being compared to it. From “Me, Myself & Irene” to “The Heartbreak Kid,” the brother filmmakers’ post-“Mary” work has been regarded as “not as funny,” even when it’s not true. This spring’s underperforming “Hall Pass”


Can’t we just call it “really hilarious” and leave it at that? Then again, consider that Hollywood’s women-fronted comedies are almost always of the rom-com variety and aggressively push Kate Hudson on us. This work is not of that lineage, and thank the Lord for that. “Bridesmaids” marks not so much a breakthrough for females

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