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Engineering change

It’s no secret to Phil Hughes that he has little chance of being the next mayor of Oklahoma City. He has no website. With the primary less than a month away, he has done no fundraising. He has no campaign events planned, and he has no formal endorsements. But Hughes is a registered candidate and

Point: Streetcar route a beginning

The framework for Phase 1 of the streetcar system has now been approved. This initial route will connect civic treasures, institutions, major employers and new housing downtown, reinforcing the significant economic engine that drives sales tax revenue benefiting our entire city. In addition, we are in the process of acquiring the historic Santa Fe Depot

Sierra Club kudos

Credit: Brad Gregg But we all know the list America has been waiting for … Best civic infrastructure, of course! Oklahoma City’s Santa Fe Intermodal Station has edged out the Gangnam Style Boardwalk, the Binders Full of Women Carpool Lane and the Claire Danes Cryface Light Rail to become the No. 1 transportation project of

Mass transit ABCs

The Association of Central Oklahoma Governments, a voluntary membership organization comprised of several local governments, has secured about $1 million in federal funding to perform a commuter corridor alternatives analysis study, said Doug Rex, director of transportation and planning services for ACOG. To receive the federal funds, local governments must come up with 20 percent

Sucker punch!

Convicted murderer Emanuel D. “E Man” Mitchell, 33, apparently understood only steps one through two. On May 2, an Oklahoma City jury found Mitchell and Anthony D. “Black” Morrison, 44, guilty of first-degree murder. In 2009, the pair allegedly solicited two teenagers as accomplices in a Reliable Discount Pharmacy robbery. The botched robbery ended with


In reality, it is going to be implemented in an area of entertainment and will probably have as much true transportation value as the “river taxis.” (Remember how they were to link downtown/Bricktown with the Meridian entertainment/hotel district?) According to letstalktransit.com, the closest a streetcar would come to the people around Douglass High School is

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