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Ghost Team One

The film opens Friday in select theaters, as well as digitally and on demand.  Using a cameraman hired through Craigslist, two best buds — virginal Sergio (Carlos Santos) and horn-dog chucklehead Brad (J.R. Villarreal, Akeelah and the Bee) — attempt to capture footage of the ghost they believe haunts the home they share. The specter, glimpsed as an Asian female,

The Girl from the Naked Eye

All of 16 years old, but with the soul of an old poet, fresh hooker Sandy Wright (Samantha Street, Alien Raiders) is dead, and Jake (Jason Yee, who co-wrote the script), the club’s driver, takes it upon himself to track down her killers and dish out the requisite payback. Having saved the runaway girl from

Vice control

While police say the ordinance will help discourage prostitution, others say it will have no effect, or in some cases, further complicate the issue. The revision amends a section of code that deals with drive-by shootings and eluding police officers, labeling both crimes a “public nuisance” and allowing for the impoundment of the vehicles used

Human network

Despite a 2004 FBI-led sting operation, dubbed “Stormy Nights,” which rescued 23 young people from forced prostitution at truck stops in Oklahoma, sexual slavery is far from eradicated either in Oklahoma or nationwide, said Mark Elam (pictured), executive director of Oklahomans Against the Trafficking of Humans (OATH) and associate pastor at Lifechanger Church in Claremore.


The differing characters whose lives crash head-on are Holly, a high-priced pro on the verge of retirement, and Shay, a 17-year-old street amateur desperate for cash. They’re played, respectively, by Viva Bianca (TV’s “Spartacus: Blood and Sand”) and Hanna Mangan Lawrence (“The Square”). Holly gets hundreds of dollars to do her thing with only the

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