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Fighting words

Elaborate belts, ridiculous costumes, fabricated rivalries, convoluted story lines. They’re all part of Rob Sturma’s vision for Extreme Championship Poetry, staged the fourth Friday of each month at the IAO Gallery. Tired of stale readings rife with petty politics, he created ECP as a way to present the earnest soul of slam poetry through the


It’s ironic that “Poetry” would open with the image of a dead body floating near the film’s superimposed title, but the best of world cinema subverts viewers’ expectations. Director Lee Chang-dong (“Secret Sunshine”) does that through the entirety of this Cannes-blessed work from South Korea, even before it begins: Doesn’t a drama about a woman

A poet’s passion

Lewis, a tall, stocky man, has been writing poetry since high school. This interest has spanned across his days as an athlete, and even his time in the military. His life, which had its beginnings in what he described as the rough streets of Cincinnati, has been far from easy. He’s endured losing close family

Core values

For two nights only, West Sheridan will shift from revitalized to red-light district, as the Individual Artists of Oklahoma hosts the 20th annual “Biting the Apple” erotic art exhibition. This year’s theme, “Gallery de Grindhouse,” is an ode to the string of theaters on New York City’s 42nd Street where burlesque theater and peep shows

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