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Examining Islam

Can a case for democracy be made from a religious Muslim perspective? The question is particularly timely given the recent attacks on the Libyan embassy. Mustafa Akyol, a Turkish journalist and columnist, will address the question in a lecture Monday at Oklahoma City University. Akyol, the author of Islam Without Extremes: A Muslim Case for

No Wonder

No Wonder Perhaps the most benign thing that can be said about Innocence of Muslims, that notorious 14-minute movie trailer sparking violent protests throughout the Middle East, is this: It has kept To the Wonder, a film largely shot in Oklahoma, from being the world’s most widely condemned flick. Expectations were high in 2010 when

Strained relations

On March 7, the Oklahoma chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, issued a media release calling on the Fairview Baptist Church in Edmond to drop “its anti- Muslim agenda” and cancel its scheduled guest speaker, Avi Lipkin. CAIR said Lipkin is “an infamous Islamophobe who alleges among other things that Muslims worship

Political reflection

I agree that Sheryl Siddiqui’s Commentary (“The post-9/11 Muslim experience”) lacked a clear point, needlessly alluded to the War on Terror and was an essay more about feelings than facts. However, I did not vote for her, nor do my tax dollars pay her salary. It is saddening to see an elected official, namely Rep.

The post-9/11 Muslim experience

There is no Islamic goal or any benefit to Muslims here or abroad that justifies violence or the killing of innocent people, regardless of their religion. Our religion forbids it; it is a major sin upon the souls of those who do it. Innocent Muslims everywhere are paying dearly for the crimes of killers. After

‘Hardly surprised’

I am hardly surprised at Tom Furlong’s endorsement of the “Kern-pone logic” that the July 6 issue thankfully lacked! Furlong has the commonly held dream of his sect: that his God is the “majority” and that a Bible full of fairy tales proves it. Millions of Muslims and Hindus disagree. And as to the number

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