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Skating Polly — Fuzz Steilacoom

The former is a startlingly authoritative, snarling take of Kelli Mayo and Peyton Bighorse’s brand of punk-anchored “ugly pop,” a fully realized vision of doom and gloom showing just how lethal Skating Polly can be. The latter is a stripped-down, heart-tugging piano ballad on par with anything Regina Spektor has ever done, toying with lush

Freestyle flow

Vahid Farzaneh However, none of this would have come to pass if not for a class taken on a whim at the University of Oklahoma. “I initially wasn’t interested in filmmaking at all,” said Freestyle Productions owner Vahid Farzaneh. “I was kind of drifting around. I took an intro to film class for the credit

The Best Films of 2013

10. Instructions Not Included Popular Mexican comedian Eugenio Derbez made his directorial debut with this heartwarming — and heartbreaking — Spanish-language comedy that became one of the biggest cinematic successes of 2013. Derbez is the womanizing Valentín who, after a baby is abandoned on his doorstep, mostly reforms into a near-perfect dad. The setup is


Resembling Wolfman Jack as a hobo, Chris refuses. With the help of a taser and handcuffs that attach to a pipe running along the exposed wall, Michael puts Chris on an involuntary, seven-day detox.  As his friend experiences withdrawal, Michael comes across some tweakers and members of a religious fringe group, but these weird people

Flying Fists of Kung Fu / Kickin’ It Shaolin Style

After about the third or fourth film I watched — either 5 Pattern Dragon Claws or 18 Fatal Strikes, I can’t be sure — I noticed how similar the movies were to another. I wasn’t exactly surprised, having digesting so many of these cheap chopsocky efforts over the years, but never in such close proximity. Basically, each

Expendable real estate

Credit: Brad Gregg Either the Oklahoma-born martial artist-cum-actor is embarrassed about his prediction or he’s just been busy tackling a “honey-do” list to get a house ready for sale. Holes don’t patch themselves, you know. According to The Los Angeles Times, a Dallas home co-owned by Norris and his brother is on the market. If

Shades of cinema

Matt Barse’s I Said I Would Never Paint This Way Again Promoting minority filmmakers and artists, Saturday’s In Color Film Festival showcases features, shorts and documentaries that convey Oklahoma’s multicultural landscape. In partnership with the Inclusion in Art project and the Individual Artists of Oklahoma Gallery, In Color began in 2008 to encourage diversity while

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