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Permanent parking, mobile food

A food truck dining area in Dallas. Photo Provided “After almost a year of planning, we found out today that it’s really happening,” Wheat said after the DDRC decision. The idea gained momentum after the success of H&8th Night Market, a monthly event in the spring, summer and fall in Midtown. Wheat looked at H&8th

Old wood, new tricks

“I wanted to make a difference,” Bagley said. “When I make art, I try to find impoverished materials that people would think are useless.” You might not have seen the sculpture that sits in Midtown at the intersection of NW 10th Street and Hudson Avenue. (Maybe you’re too busy avoiding other drivers at the roundabout.)

Midtown man

Wynn has an insatiable interest in the history of his city and described himself as an urban archeologist who unearths lost histories and relevant stories about areas of downtown and buildings both standing and gone. He said the research portion of the Midtown book excited him and finding new facts and stories made him “want

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