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Metro briefs

Sales tax collections dip Oklahoma City’s combined sales tax collections were 5 percent below target for the year in March. “The thing that has had the biggest impact [in declining sales tax] is income levels are down a bit in the metro area,” said Doug Dowler, the city’s budget director. A response with major spending

All in to win

“The only chance that [Ed] Shadid had was to have a very small turnout election,” said Pat McFerron, referring to Cornett’s challenger on the March 4 ballot. McFerron, who is a partner with CMA Strategies and worked on the mayor’s campaign, said the fact that turnout for last month’s mayoral race nearly doubled from the

Nonpartisan race?

Unless an Oklahoma municipality decides otherwise, state law requires municipal elections to be conducted on a nonpartisan basis. Oklahoma City’s charter provides that no party emblem or party designation shall appear on the ballot, but the charter does not require the election to be conducted “on a nonpartisan basis.” While the News9/Oklahoma Gazette poll’s pre-election

Gazette Poll: Big win, again

Two polls conducted prior to the election by Oklahoma Gazette and News 9 adjusted for the demographics of traditional voters in Oklahoma City elections and predicted that Cornett would carry 63 percent of the March 4 vote. Cornett earned 31,514 votes and 66 percent of the total. Shadid’s campaign, dramatically out-financed by Cornett’s campaign and

Mayor candidate Shadid concedes with message of hope and change

Hundreds of supporters gathered at the watch party, held at Oklahoma City Public Farmer’s Market.   “You can win, even in loss,” the Ward 2 Councilman said. “You can lose the battle and win the war, and that’s what’s happening. There is a movement growing in Oklahoma City. There is questioning and a dialogue and

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