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Storm Shelter funding debate gets heated

In an exclusive News9/Oklahoma Gazette poll, 52 percent of Oklahoma City residents “strongly supported” public funding to help build storm shelters in public schools. Another 26 percent “somewhat supported” the idea. The survey included 980 city residents, with a margin of error of plus or minus 3.13 percent. Though, when asked where the funding should

It’s about gun rights for everyone

No word yet on whether laser-gun noises are similarly protected. Apparently, Kern wants to bring some “common sense” to the school administrations in Oklahoma. You see, little Timmy (not his real name) got in lots of trouble for eating a Pop-Tart so what was left of it resembled a gun and then waving it at

Might pay cuts be in their future?

Among the 250 measures filed for consideration so far are six proposed constitutional amendments that will require a public vote. How does limiting the governor to one term, cutting legislators’ pay in half and the Legislature meeting ever other year instead of every year sound? Would paying legislators less and making them work less get

Sex offenders are now less offender-y?

In 2007, the Oklahoma Legislature passed a new measure that created a three-tiered risk assessment level. That law requires sex offenders to be placed on the registry for 15 years, 25 years or life, depending on their assessment levels. The problem focuses on offenders who had been convicted, sentenced and placed on the registry prior

City officials respond to MAPS 3 legal challenge

City officials sent a letter Tuesday to private attorney David Slane outlining the reasons his concerns are misplaced. Slane alleged the December 2009 MAPS 3 vote was unconstitutional because it violated the state’s single-subject rule since eight different projects would be financed with the sales tax extension. The single-subject rule came into focus for Slane

Injunction junction

Credit: Brad Gregg Um, at least that’s the takeaway of state Sen. Anthony Sykes, R-Moore, a key supporter of an Oklahoma constitutional amendment to ban the use of Sharia law in state courts. On Aug. 15, a federal judge issued a permanent injunction against the amendment, which voters overwhelmingly approved in a 2010 statewide vote

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