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Yes. But then again, no.

 Sike! An opinion piece in The Tulsa World called Fallin out for supporting both of those programs and then changing her mind. The piece pointed out that Fallin inherited both programs from former Gov. Brad Henry. It said Henry approved the health exchange grant, and after taking office, Fallin agreed. Then, in 2010, the Legislature

Federal grant helps fund disease research

Photo by Mark Hancock Grant funds will create the Oklahoma Shared Clinical and Translational Resources program, which creates partnerships between the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF), Native American tribes and physicians across the state. “This gives us access to people and data immediately,” said Courtney Montgomery, Ph.D, an

Vince Gill looks hate in the face

 In a video of the encounter, an unidentified female church member (the videographer) confronted Gill about his 13-year marriage to Christian singer-songwriter Amy Grant. “Vince Gill, what in the world are you doing out here?” she asked. “I just came to see what hate looked like,” he replied. “Well, more importantly, what are you doing

A time to heal

As America learned of Moore’s utter devastation by the May 20 tornado, the news hit the two members of New Orleans-based Generationals especially hard. “Everybody is aware and thinking about what has happened in Oklahoma,” said Grant Widmer, lead singer and guitarist. “Tragedies like these are particularly resonant for us because of what happened to

Iron Aidan

Aidan Carroll Photo: Ryan John Lee Aidan Carroll was not like most kids. Although the 2002 Classen School of Advanced Studies graduate played in a rock band or two, his real love was jazz. He became obsessed with it while fellow students consumed Top 40 hits. “I loved the challenge that jazz gave me,” the

Stretch Marx

He’s sold 30 million albums and written 13 No. 1 Billboard singles. Still, Richard Marx is likely most memorable for his haircut. However, he’s spent the better part of the last three decades forging a humble legacy in pop history as a musician, producer and, most notably, a songwriter. “I’m so excited I still get

A years-old winning design for a bus stop will jump from sketch to street

“Hey, what is it that you like about this stop?” “What do you think could be done here to improve being on public transit?” And so it went, from the mouth of David Brewer, an architect at Glover Smith Bode Inc. His reason for giving the third degree? Research. Brewer served as captain of a

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