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A drink of ink

One of the world’s largest tattoo and music culture events happens Friday-Sunday at Grand Casino Hotel and Resort. Ink Life Tour Tattoo and Music Festival is a three-day party that’s as close to all-inclusive as anyone could want. The casino itself includes gaming, food, drinks (lots of ’em) and a convenient place to crash. The

Homebound angel track

  “There’s nothing to be bitter about. It’s war,” he said. “I didn’t sign up to get into the underwater basket-weaving program. You know the dangers.” Dunagan and his team were about to enter an Afghan village when one of his men stepped on a land mine that triggered an improvised explosive device (IED). The

Shelter vote stalled

Legal wrangling between the group Take Shelter Oklahoma and Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt has focused on the wording of a ballot title that explains what the issue is about to voters. Take Shelter Oklahoma had until Dec. 16 to collect 160,000 signatures so the measure could be decided by voters. However, that plan has

Spice boys

Around 30 airmen were to be discharged after investigators at the base discovered they had possessed or used a drug known as “Spice” following a tip, The Oklahoman reported. Sold under brand names such as K2, Spice is comprised of herbs sprayed with chemicals that mimic the active chemical in marijuana, THC. The drug is

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