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Downtown chow down

Park Avenue Grill By: Shannon Cornman Whether you’re coming from the latest blockbuster at the Harkins movie theater, stumbling out of another riotous Thunder game or even renting a U-Haul, one of the most common dilemmas when downtown is where, and what, to eat. With so many overly familiar chains invading, along with their name-brand

OKG7 Downtown Restaurant Week stops

Nonna’s Euro-American Ristorante & Bar1 S. Mickey Mantlenonnas.com235-4410 For lunch, delight in your choice of chicken tortilla soup or tomato and red onion salad. It will set the stage for entree options: crab cakes, crispy pork chops with Guinness gravy or blackened chicken. For dinner, try the chop and chutney or lemon walnut pesto pasta.

Devouring downtown

Now you’ll have a chance to make that dream come true during the first official Downtown Restaurant Week, starting Sunday and ending Thursday, Jan. 26. The scoop: Each kitchen crew, executive chefs leading the way, has designed three-course, event-specific dinners for $30. The culinary geniuses are more than excited and were pleased to discuss details

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