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Supply and diversity

Monty Milburn By: Mark Hancock But that’s how Scott Hamilton describes it. “As grotesque as that was, [it] truly served a positive purpose for Oklahoma City’s LGBT community,” said Hamilton, executive director of Cimarron Alliance. “It was at that point that people started asking, ‘Where am I spending my money?’” It’s a question that, after

A question of equality

Tamya Cox Photo: Mark Hancock Its proponents say the measure will advance equal opportunity. Authored by Sen. Rob Johnson, R-Kingfisher, State Question 759 would amend the state constitution to ban current policies requiring state agencies to submit annual affirmative action plans. Public offices would be prohibited from weighing inclusion or diversity when hiring. Although it

Diverse values

Carroll, who holds a doctorate, is a Houston-based scholar who specializes in issues of religion, politics and cultural diversity. She traced the history of diversity in our country. Since 1965, we live in an America that is much richer in diversity than it was before that date. That diversity includes ethnicity, culture and religion. So

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