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The space between

Kyle Golding The new show at Mainsite Contemporary Art in Norman, Balance, strives to illustrate the line that separates what falls into a category of either fine art or design but finds that line to be arbitrary at best. The show was created by Narciso Argüelles, a California native artist who has been in Oklahoma

Last call for Stage Center?

Johansen won an award from The American Institute of Architects for his work on the building in 1972. Kestrel Investments Inc. paid $4.2 million to the Oklahoma City Community Foundation for the theater last July and has plans to build a 14-16-story office tower (which will be home to the new OGE Energy Corp. headquarters)

Beast master

Max Ogan — or Maximus, as he likes to be called — is surrounded by giant monsters and giant robots in his Plaza District studio, Bomb Shelter, but he’s not running for cover or summoning twin fairies for help. It’s all part of his latest exhibition, Machines vs. Monsters: Final Wars, his tribute to kaiju,

Boxed in

Box, a developer and owner of The Greens Country Club, said he has has few alternatives in connection with the sacred dome, which long ago lost its glistening golden look of yesteryear. His top options include the sale of the property or its demolition. Box is losing $10,000 a month on the old, vacant bank

Get a perm

A design principle first applied to agriculture, permaculture seeks to create self-sustaining food production through imitating natural ecosystems. Australian ecologists Bill Mollison and David Holmgren coined the term in their 1970s book, “Permaculture One.” The word, a contraction of “permanent agriculture,” was meant to invoke a new science where agricultural practices worked in tandem with

A years-old winning design for a bus stop will jump from sketch to street

“Hey, what is it that you like about this stop?” “What do you think could be done here to improve being on public transit?” And so it went, from the mouth of David Brewer, an architect at Glover Smith Bode Inc. His reason for giving the third degree? Research. Brewer served as captain of a

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