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Enter Nowhere

Three stranded strangers end up arriving at a cabin in the omnipresent middle of nowhere. Jody (Sara Paxton, Shark Night) has just robbed a convenience store. Sam (Katherine Waterston, Taking Woodstock) is newly pregnant and looking for her husband. Tom (Scott Eastwood, son of yep, that guy) is dealing with a broken-down car. The temperature

The Last Hard Men / Sky Riders

Neither, however, was really all that good. “The Last Hard Men” — snicker, snicker — is an update of the traditional Western, in which Coburn sets himself free of a prison chain gang using a railroad spike so he can exact revenge on a retired lawman (Charlton Heston, gruff as ever and hiding behind one monster


Early in “Blackthorn,” I had to smile when the line “I can’t trust someone with no name” was uttered. Immediately, it brought to mind Clint Eastwood’s Man with No Name character from Sergio Leone’s “Dollars” trilogy — some of the best Westerns ever made. And “Blackthorn” is nothing if not a cinematic celebration of the

Cowboys & Aliens

But in one of the pleasant surprises of the summer-movie season, this genre mash-up is lean, handsomely crafted entertainment. It works precisely because it acts as if there’s no joke. You’ve got cowboys, and you’ve got aliens. ’Nuff said. It certainly starts with a bang. A man (Daniel Craig, “Quantum of Solace”) wakes up in


Unfortunately, the drama has nowhere to go after that, increasingly become a real patience-tester at 129 minutes. Cécile De France (“Mesrine: Killer Instinct”) is a vacationer who barely survives that horrific disaster, during which she glimpses the afterlife. Twins Frankie and George McLaren play brothers, one of whom is killed in an accident, and communicates

Carnival Magic

In case you want to know more: I’ve seen several films by B-movie director Al Adamson, but 1982’s “Carnival Magic” is quite a departure from his usual horror and action efforts like “Dracula vs. Frankenstein” and “Satan’s Sadists.” For one thing, it’s a family film. For another, its cast is comprised of the aforementioned talking

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