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Robin Meyers

If only I was a corporation

I should have expected the Hobby Lobby decision, given the record of the Roberts court, but it still made we wonder, yet again, if people are paying attention to what we are becoming — or more accurately, what we have become. Because Oklahoma’s Green family, which owns the company, objects on religious grounds to the

Pondering religious freedom

Perhaps Weigand could explain how Hobby Lobby’s claim to religious freedom entails that its owners’ religious freedom is more important than that of their employees. How is the religious freedom of employees an issue here? Is taking emergency birth control a religious act or obligation? If it is, how does refusing to finance an employee’s

It’s a blessing

“What we are doing is blessing a commitment, not conferring legal or civil rights,” he said. “This is not a wedding.” The publication of the documents follows a nine-month study by a committee Konieczny had formed to respond to Resolution A049. At the 2012 general convention, the Episcopal Church USA, or ECUSA, approved the resolution

Same ol’, same ol’

How does that work? Both bills claim to support teachers’ freedom to address scientific strengths and weaknesses of scientific issues (House Bill 1674 cites evolution specifically, Senate Bill 758 doesn’t). The most obvious problem is that we do not need new laws to free science teachers to do that: such discussions are always part of

Capitol commandments

The monument is the result of a measure introduced by state Rep. Mike Ritze, R-Broken Arrow, and passed by the Legislature in 2009 allowing for a privately paid-for monument to be placed on public property outside the Capitol. Little fanfare accompanied the installation on the north side of the building, with about a dozen non-workers

God and science

Dr. Brad Strawn In The Physical Nature of Christian Life: Neuroscience, Psychology, & the Church, author Brad D. Strawn explores how developments in modern science have changed ideas of spirituality, and the implications for the church. The book argues against the long-held theological view that a soul provides the spirituality and mental capacities of a

Modern word

Considered one of the nation’s most provocative voices for a non-literal Christianity, John Shelby Spong will speak Friday at an event hosted by the United Church of Norman. The lecture, titled “Why Christianity Must Change or Die,” is based on Spong’s contention that many Christians practice an outdated faith. “What I try to do in

Oral argument

The same law that condemns the eating of shellfish and the wearing of blended fabric also says that murder is wrong. While the letters of the New Testament are full of admonitions for avoiding sexual sin (i.e., sex outside of marriage — that clearly between a man and a woman), there is hardly any mention

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