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Bolo is a punch used by boxers — a wide, sweeping uppercut. It also is the title of Fall Films’ latest local production. We recommend skipping the former and taking the latter. With free beer from Titswiggle Brewing Co. and live music beforehand from local harpist Jessica Tate, Bolo premieres Saturday at City Arts Center.


With aggressive promoters and savvy marketing piquing fan interest in local mixed-martial-arts bouts, however, Oklahoma is starting to hold onto its finest fighters. MMA might be a relatively young sport, but Joe Miller, director of the Oklahoma Boxing Commission, said the state has become a breeding ground for prospects. “We were only regulating 10 to

Fight club

“Basically, there were no rules,” Hoffman said. “I suffered an injury that put me in a coma for a short period of time. I was told I would never be able to fight again.” With fighting still in his blood, he eventually resumed training and took over Western Avenue Boxing Gym, 4416 N. Western. After

PALing around

Boxing is nearly a full-time job for 16-year-old Alex Saucedo. The 145pound Oklahoma City fighter visits the gym seven days a week in his bid to qualify for the 2012 Olympics. He isn’t sure if his citizenship will come through in time to qualify for the U.S. team or if he will be fighting for

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