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Tabloid heaven?

Credit: Brad Gregg Bennifer? Brangelina? Well, there’s a new couple in town. They’re Oklahoma residents, and the gossip hounds just can’t get enough of ‘em. We’re talking about Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert. The rumors circulating about their relationship are numerous and cover everything from infidelity to frenemies. According to the National Enquirer, , they

Goin’ country

Credit: Brad Gregg Tishomingo resident and The Voice judge Blake Shelton will co-host the show, while he and his better/hotter half, Miranda Lambert, are both up for Entertainer of the Year. Other Oklahoma nominees include Carrie Underwood for top female vocalist and album of the year, while Toby Keith is in contention for male vocalist

Mama’s getting punchy

But wait, don’t award her an MTV Moonman just yet, folks; the character Lambert was playing might not have been much of a stretch, after all. According to a police report filed by Melanie Peden — a Tishomingo antique shop owner and neighbor to Lambert’s Pink Pistol boutique — the country-pop tart went postal after accusing

Blake not-so-placid

Credit: Brad Gregg Nope, it was because Shelton dared suggest that today’s young listener doesn’t want to listen to old records. Gasp! Shock! Heresy! Sayeth the Shelton on the Great American Country network’s Backstory documentary TV series, “Country music has to evolve in order to survive. Nobody wants to listen to their grandpa’s music. And

If I were Santa ….

The biggest plus, of course, is the unbridled joy you’d be able to spread with a special sack of presents. In that giving spirit of Christmas, we asked a host of notable Oklahomans, from elected leaders to burlesque performers, sports superstars to drag queens, what they would do if they were Santa. Responses ranged from

Tishomingo blues

Credit: Brad Gregg On Sept. 18, the platinum-selling singer-songwriter posted, “If you live in Tishomingo Ok., our dog Loretta has been missing for 2 days. She is a small black lab. She has a pink collar w a tag.” A longtime champion of our four-legged friends, Lambert started the nonprofit MuttNation, which raises funds for

Be it resolved …

As always, Jan. 1 gives us a chance to do better: Lose weight. Read more. Get organized. Dig a hole and hide the body. You know the drill. Before you cobble your own New Year’s resolution on your stone of choice, you might want to get a few ideas from some of your fellow Oklahomans.

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