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Most Fabulous donation

That letter was sent to the governor’s office and all members of the state Legislature, among others. They said the play, which is a satirical look at “Adam and Steve” in the Garden of Eden, violates Oklahoma’s obscenity laws. The pastors wanted the play closed and the producers and actors held accountable by law enforcement.

This Is the End

I wasted so much of my 20s hanging out with these 420-types, sitting bored in their thrift-store-furnished living rooms, desperately looking at my watch while the person who was usually my ride sank deeper and deeper into the couch as the thick whiffs of chronic sunk deeper and deeper into their lungs. They were all

A Vampire’s Tale

After unpacking his prized oldest obsidian mirror, Jacob inadvertently allows a time-traveling cowboy to cross over into our world, landing right smack in his barn. The cowboy, Phelan (Jonnie Hurn, The Zombie Diaries), is actually a hundreds-year-old vampire, not to mention one who makes references to The Shining, Army of Darkness and, um, City Slickers.

Say my name

Angela Renee Ingram has the legal name of James Dean Ingram, but lives as a woman. On Aug. 30, Judge Bill Graves denied her request to make Angela her legal name. He said Ingram’s DNA could not be changed to that of a female, and therefore, allowing a name change would be the furtherance of

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