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Old wood, new tricks

“I wanted to make a difference,” Bagley said. “When I make art, I try to find impoverished materials that people would think are useless.” You might not have seen the sculpture that sits in Midtown at the intersection of NW 10th Street and Hudson Avenue. (Maybe you’re too busy avoiding other drivers at the roundabout.)

The Grandmaster

These are heady days for Ip Man — not bad for a guy who died more than 40 years ago. Over the past several years, the celebrated kung fu teacher whose students included Bruce Lee has been in the midst of a sort of revival with his exploits having been fictionalized in a handful of

Velvet underground

“It has its own set of rules, but painting on velvet produces a unique result that, much like the material itself, envelopes viewers in a rich, smooth, luxurious pocket of gooey satisfaction,” he said. Before working on velvet, Lawson spent a decade creating work for his Pareidolia series featuring surreal, organic forms designed to be

A lion’s heart

An Oklahoma City artist will showcase over 50 photographs from his three-week African excursion Thursday night to benefit the local organization that made his first international experience possible. Painter, musician and former journalist Jack Fowler traveled throughout the West Nile region of Uganda for 21 days in July. Fowler will sell prints of pictures he

Rodeo clown

Unlike the other exhibitions currently housed at Oklahoma City Museum of Art — the Chihuly glass, the Herb Ritts photos — one can touch the works of Halo Amok without fear of being thrown out. That’s what they’re for, according to their creator. “This is art you can literally walk into,” said nationally renowned artist

Nice Guys Don’t Work in Hollywood: The Adventures of an Aesthete in the Movie Business — Curtis Harrington

Unlike so many Tinseltown true tales, Nice Guys Don’t Work in Hollywood doesn’t begin with a tumultuous childhood. Although the only child grew up in the throes of the Great Depression, Harrington’s upbringing was happy. He found escape (and influence) in the stories of Edgar Allan Poe, the pages of Esquire magazine and the flicker

‘Land’ ho!

Rick Sinnett Photo: Shannon Cornman Unless you’re up close and in person with Sinnett, you won’t see the globs of light blue paint in his hair and flecks covering his clothes and sunglasses, but you will see that same color covering the exterior of the onetime grain silo at 200 S.E. Fourth. Aqua is the

Art de Aguilar

Deep in the valleys of southern Mexico lives a ceramic artist whose whimsical personality and artwork touch everyone within contact. Guillermina Aguilar Alcantara is a master of Mexican popular art, and the eldest of Ocotlán, Oaxaca’s Aguilar sisters, world-famous for their artwork. She has made the journey to Oklahoma City to create, display and sell

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