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Ready, Gazette, GO! on your journey to a healthier you. Oklahoma Gazette is hosting a fitness challenge to encourage readers to get healthy! This fitness initiative will provide sources for information on activity, nutrition, local support groups and encouragement to keep you moving toward better health in 2015. Gazette is challenging OKC Metro individuals to start, maintain or improve health and fitness habits January through March. Participant fitness assessment and tracking is done on the honor system, so stick to the truth! To receive the most the program has to offer, sign up to participate between December 8 and December 31, 2014, and get started tracking your successes the first week in January. Participants can sign on anytime, but reaching 100 percent of your fitness activity level is more manageable with full three-month involvement.

Join us at end of March at the Ready, Gazette, GO! fitness fest taking place in the beautiful downtown Myriad Botanical Gardens on Saturday, March 28 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. We will be celebrating your achievements and new lifestyle habits while spreading fitness awareness to the masses. And attendees with 100 percent participation (JanuaryMarch) will receive recognition certificates.

Ready, Gazette, GO! fitness festival is intended to engage the public in fun, fit activities and will feature multiple fit zones with instructors teaching varied workouts such as yoga, spin, aerobics, karate and more! Attendees can participate in a variety of 30minute classes, choosing an old favorite or new exercises they’ve always wanted to try. Several booths will be on hand with information about nutritious alternatives, fitness aids and alternative therapy options. There will be prizes at the event and certificates of completion for participating movers and shakers. And the event is free for the whole family!

Ready, Gazette, GO! participants will be able to track their progress through the months of January, February and March on our downloadable Ready, Gazette, GO! fitness log and with their official Ready, Gazette, GO! pedometer, available at participating locations. Weekly encouragement and fitness tips will be provided by area professionals to help you stay on track with your fitness goals.

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City of Oklahoma City Parks & Recreation Department


  1. Jeff said:

    I’m happy to participate! But, I have to say the Point Log & Journal is confusing. I think people are less likely to participate if they don’t understand how it works. Maybe you could provide some examples on the website?

    Check me if I’m right. If I counted 15,947 steps yesterday, ran sprints for an hour, and swam for an hour, that totals 10% (6% for sprints, 4% for swimming). I walk probably 50% of my day at work. So that’s another 8%. If that’s the case, then I’ll reach 100% in 2 weeks. What do I do with the other 10 weeks?

    It might be more easily understood if you changed percentage to points. You still get 2 or 3 points for 30 minutes of moderate to high impact activity. 1 point for every 30mins of walking. What relevance does a pedometer have if you’re only tracking “percentage”? Why not have two columns for each day. One for steps counted and another for moderate to high activity points. And say every 5,000 steps gives you a point or something. This will provide much more statistical data and make it competitive between friends. Competition make for happy people!

    Also, when and how do we submit our weekly totals?



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