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Give us a small local eatery over a big chain any day. The folks over at Keep It Local OK feel the same way. Bryce Bandy and Chris Branson offer a merit badge for 405 pride with their Keep It Local card, which offers discounts at many of our favorite eateries. Learn more at keepitlocalok.com.

— By Devon Green
Photos by Mark Hancock and Garett Fisbeck

GoGo Sushi Express & Grill (Mark Hancock)

GoGo Sushi Express & Grill (Mark Hancock)

GoGo Sushi Express & Grill

1611 S. Interstate 35 Service Road, Moore



The bento box is, like most things that come out of Japan, functional and esthetically pleasing. It’s cute as a button and perfect for lunch. GoGo Sushi, with two metro locations, mastered a perfect to-go option and creates incredible and satisfying sushi. With a Keep It Local card, you get 10 percent off. Bonus!

The Cake Shop by ButterSweet Cakes (Mark Hancock)

The Cake Shop by ButterSweet Cakes (Mark Hancock)

The Cake Shop by ButterSweet Cakes

817 S. Mustang Road, Yukon



ButterSweet Cakes is one of those well-kept secrets of Yukon you’d almost accuse the city of keeping to itself. This is serious cake with just the right amount of icing. The rotating selection of cupcakes is available in mini and full-sized varieties. Make sure to place custom orders a day in advance. With Keep It Local, you’ll get 10 percent off.

Crave (Garett Fisbeck)

Crave (Garett Fisbeck)


211 N. Robinson Ave., Suite 114



Crave is a great place for busy people who want healthy, nourishing options. The little shop serves smoothies and protein shakes that are tasty and full of good things for people on the go. The Crave is made with strawberries, bananas, honey and vanilla and can be ordered with supplements of protein, bee pollen or Calcium Plus. Also try locally roasted coffee from Elemental Coffee Roasters and small bites like cheese and crackers. Save 20 percent with your membership card.

Trapper’s Fishcamp & Grill (Oklahoma Gazette)

Trapper’s Fishcamp & Grill (Oklahoma Gazette)

Trapper’s Fishcamp & Grill

4300 W. Reno Ave.



We all know and love this part of Pearl’s Restaurant Group. It’s a casual family joint with really good catfish. You might not know about its other menu items like steaks, quail and incredible pork chops. Trapper’s knows how to cook land-dwellers just right, too. Its 12-ounce blackened prime rib is to die for, and on Tuesdays, they’re buy one, get one free with your card.

t, an urban teahouse (Mark Hancock / File)

t, an urban teahouse (Mark Hancock / File)

t, an urban teahouse

7518 N. May Ave., Suite D



As you will quickly find out, the tea world is a big one, and owner Kristy Jennings is committed to helping customers find their new favorite varieties. “As much as I love tea, it acts as a vehicle to bring people together,” Jennings said. Every six weeks, a new artist’s work hangs on the walls of this cozy tea shop. Check out local artist Isla Harris’ work hanging through mid-February. Sign up for the store’s mailing list at the counter, and when you use your card, you get 5 percent off any tea loose or prepared, to drink or togo.

Kang’s Sushi Bar and Bistro (Garett Fisbeck)

Kang’s Sushi Bar and Bistro (Garett Fisbeck)

Kang’s Sushi Bar and Bistro

2080 E. Second St., Edmond



This modern Asian restaurant takes the variety of flavors from Asia and makes them sing. Find classic Chinese favorites like Peking duck alongside traditional nigiri and sashimi. Take a whirlwind tour of Southeast Asia in one stop, and with your card, you save 10 percent.

Humble Pie (Garett Fisbeck)

Humble Pie (Garett Fisbeck)

Humble Pie

1319 S. Broadway Suite B, Edmond



Okies love pizza, and Edmond residents couldn’t keep Humble Pie secret if they tried. You can get both your favorites — New Yorkstyle and Chicagostyle — in one eatery. It also caters to gluten-free diets with something that doesn’t resemble cardboard. Huzzah! No matter your pizza preference, it’s worth the drive north. And with your card, you can deduct 10 percent off your bill to make the journey even more worth it.

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Devon Green

Devon Green is a life and food reporter for Oklahoma Gazette. She lives in Oklahoma City with her husband Kevin and their two slightly evil felines, Goodluck Jonathan and Charles Taylor. Devon has a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Oklahoma and once ran away with the circus to Macau, China. She is passionately local and lives to promote quality of life in OKC. She can most often be found eating, writing or writing about eating — while eating.

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