Chicken-Fried News: Education vacation


Although we like to read, we still suffer mightily in public education. At least that’s what a new ranking shows. Oklahoma recently ranked No. 48 out of 50 states (plus the District of Columbia) for education — for those suffering with numerical dyslexia, that is third worst in the union.

Meanwhile, before former State Superintendent Janet Barresi left office, she released a report on the challenges she faced coming into office and what the state faces with her leaving office and Joy Hofmeister replacing her.

“We need an aggressive legislative agenda in terms of education, and I call on our executive branch to keep pushing for that,” Barresi said in a story by KOCO.

Our schools could probably stand to get more funding, but what do we know?

We at Oklahoma Gazette barely know how to read.

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One Comment;

  1. Ron Hill said:

    With a little bit of effort we can reach #1 as worst in the nation. Our legislature and Governor should really work hard at this one.



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