Chicken-Fried News: Country, comedy


In news that is bound to make you laugh or cry, this week’s Saturday Night Live (SNL) host and musical guest is Oklahoma country music star Blake Shelton. According to, fewer than 40 performers have done both.

Shelton has some pretty big shoes to fill; Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and Garth Brooks have all played done double-duty.

Let’s hope Shelton takes a cue from another famous Oklahoman’s debut on the live comedy show. Garth Brooks was self-deprecating, charming and funny. Hopefully Shelton doesn’t take himself the least bit seriously.

Perhaps the show’s cast will riff on he and Miranda Lambert’s idyllic life on their acreage in Tishomingo, where they keep it simple with Lambert’s bed and breakfast; her shop, The Pink Pistol; and her line of wines, Red 55. Maybe he’ll get laughs when he rolls his eyes at Lambert bringing home yet another rescued dog.

People reports that Carson Daly tweeted a joke about Shelton “drinking his way to the top.” It would be funny to see the image of the hardworking, average guy turned on his head.

Ultimately, we wish the Okie the best of luck. No stranger to being in the spotlight, we’re sure the country music star isn’t that different from the rest of us Okies — with or without multimillion-dollar record sales.

Gazette Staff

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