PODCAST: Capital City, Ep. 16

Ben Felder and Meredith Exline

Ben Felder and Meredith Exline

In this episode of the Capital City podcast Meredith Exline, president of the Oklahoma Central Parent Legislative Action Committee. In this episode we discuss the year that was in education in Oklahoma and what to expect in 2015.

Link to Oklahoma Central PLAC

Ben Felder

Ben is an urban affairs reporter covering local government and education in Oklahoma City. He lives in OKC with his wife, Lori, and son, Satchel. Ben holds a masters in new media journalism from Full Sail University and is an OKC transplant from Kansas City, Mo. Twitter: @benfelder_okg

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  1. Alison O'Rear said:

    Meredith Exline is a passionate, informed and committed parent advocate for public education in Oklahoma and is an outstanding candidate for the Edmond Public School Board.



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