BLOG: Black mass leader says he’s ready for violence

Adam Daniels (Facebook)

Adam Daniels (Facebook)

In a 13 minute rant posted on YouTube in June, Adam Daniels, the person behind the satanic black mass event that has drawn opposition from religious and political leaders, says he is ready to defend his cause with violence if necessary.

“I say bring the violence,” Daniels said as he paces in a black robe. “If I have to decapitate in order to defend myself and my family, my property, I will do so without hesitation. If they want to take it to that level, congratulations, I will take it right there with you.”

Daniels has rented a room at the Oklahoma City-owned Civic Center Music Hall for Sept. 21 in order to perform a black mass, which is described as a satanic ritual meant to mock the Catholic church.

Church leaders have complained to city hall about the event, but city officials say it would violate the U.S. Constitution to deny access to the facility due to a difference of religious opinion.

Criticism from Oklahoma City Archbishop Paul Coakley and Gov. May Fallin have put a spotlight on Daniels, who appears to welcome the attention.

“This black mass is a disgusting mockery of the Catholic faith, and it should be equally repellent to Catholics and non-Catholics alike,” Fallin said in a statement. “It may be protected by the First Amendment, but that doesn’t mean we can’t condemn it in the strongest terms possible for the moral outrage which it is.”

In an interview with Oklahoma Gazette last month, Daniels said he viewed the controversy as a positive.

“It’s definitely a positive for us,” Daniels said. “We continue to have an issue with Christians trying to shut us down, and this highlights that.”

In the YouTube video posted on his blog, Daniels argues for his right to practice his religion and says he is willing to be a martyr for his cause. While he cites violence as a solution to his difference with the Christian church, he ends the video with a threat to file a lawsuit if he is not allowed to hold the black mass next month.

“Be careful how you come at me,” Daniels said. “I am [lawsuit] happy.”

Ben Felder

Ben is an urban affairs reporter covering local government and education in Oklahoma City. He lives in OKC with his wife, Lori, and son, Satchel. Ben holds a masters in new media journalism from Full Sail University and is an OKC transplant from Kansas City, Mo. Twitter: @benfelder_okg

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  1. John said:

    Sign your protest here:

    Satan has no rights. The black mass is an attempt to rip God out of the fabric of our nation. Its sole purpose is to attack God, the Catholic Mass and the Holy Eucharist in a most obscene, indecent and hateful manner. Satanists typically steal (a criminal act) a consecrated Host from a Church to desecrate in unspeakable ways.

    Why is the Civic Center facilitating and advertising this sacrilege, using its tax-funded facility as a platform to attack God and demean all God-loving Americans? This event harms the common good on many levels. It forces Civic Center employees and government workers to assist, or work in close proximity to, an event that targets the Catholic Faith.

    Why are American children stopped from praying to God in school, but satanists are apparently free to attack God in this government-run venue?

    It’s also highly unlikely that the Civic Center would rent space for events that might feature, for example, the burning of a Koran. You think the Civic Center would welcome the likes of Hitler, or host a production that extols Nazi gas chambers? I really don’t think so.

  2. Dennis Burrow said:

    I am sickened at the denial and intentful deceit of the Catholc Church that is noting more then a front for Satan which is littered with support of him. Hey Bishop why dont you stop lieing and make a stand against the scribe that your entire church is secretly conveying a message. Symbolism is a secret form of manifestation which is very powerful. Just look at our currency and whats hidden within. However, it loses its power when exposed. This whole damned world should stop pretending and learn to stand in the truth of what they are. though I do not support this mad mans cause I do applaude him for standing in Truth rather than hide in what appears to be good. Shame on all of you!

  3. Allison said:

    The Roman Catholics are offended due to theft of the sacred host of the Christ and the outrageous intent to misuse it before minors no less. This is why they are offended.



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